Enjoying the great outdoors.
my dad before I was born
dead of winter at Burgdorf  Hot Springs Idaho.
                 awesome elk
grandpa and I when I was a pup
hunt cabin in Colorado
Bear.....the ever watchful Kelpie
fishing on the Rogue River
another hunt cabin in Colorado
Oregon Dunes on the beautiful Oregon coast
bike trip Redwood National Forest California coast
my dad (2nd from left) and his pals humping spuds in Arvin Ca
pickin and grinin in northern Ca
my beautiful wife and her man in Lassen National Park
fire lookout at Lassen National Park
another load of watermelons heading to Oregon
Reno Nevada air show
there she is again.......trail ride in northern Ca
Crater Lake Oregon
how did I get so lucky
brother Joe checking out the "outhouse with a view"
my shop on a nice winters day
fire up the bbq
our subdivision from the lookout not a traffic signal within 40 miles
the blacktop road is a mile and a half from our house
nearest thing to Heaven
old cabin at Ed Fowler's Willow Bow Ranch in Wy
four out of five that year
one happy Louisiana man
talk about happy!!