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“Love it”!

~Scott in TX~

“I love it. I love the thick handle on it. It’s hard for me to get knives that really fit my hand.”

~Mark in LA~

Picture gallery and random testimonials.


Got my knife. Absolutely beautiful work. I will cherish it. Not sure if i will be able to use it but still, beautiful.

~David in TX~

WOW……..I can’t wait to use it!

~T.J. in ID~


I received the knife today.  While I haven't used it yet, I am very pleased with the knife and sheath. It has just the vintage Kephart look I wanted. The sheath complements the knife perfectly. The oak leaf tooling is a fitting touch.  It feels good in my hand as is. Thanks for crafting my Tennessee Kephart knife.

~Larry in TN~


This puppy is a stone slicer no doubt.  Aesthetically it is very pleasing to me and that is no surprise since you accurately described and photographed it.  No hot spots.  A few days of use for everything from food prep to whittling, feather sticks and such and I quickly stroked the edge up on a plain leather strop although it really didn't need it. Stays sharp and cuts like a laser.

~Stephan in NM~

Hi Gary,

Finally heard back from the knife owners of the gift knives you made for me.  One of them anyway.  The one who is an avid hunter.  He's been using it and reports it is great.  Really likes it and is often wearing it on his belt and he heretofore has very seldom carried a fixed blade.  Says it is the best skinner he's ever used.  Like a lot of modern sportsmen he doesn't really know much about knives.  Never had a custom made knife before and knows next to nothing about knife steels and tempering.  Now he's learning there's more to knives than meets the eye.  I may try and introduce him to stropping next time I see him.  %^)

My knife is, as well,  fantastic.  Used it just night before last to skin an Axis.  I use three or four different knives when I dress a deer.  Your knife stayed so sharp I found myself going to it for tasks other than skinning.  Later, examining the knives used prior to stropping them all I found a couple micro nicks on all three of the knives used but narry a mark on your blade.  You must be doing an excellent job on tempering.  I'm sure I will be coming to you for other knives in future. 

The first knife I ordered for myself from you but then gave to my neighbor is highly thought of as well.  That man is truly old school.  A true dyed in the wool cattle man and a man who grew up hunting to live.  I mean in a family so poor that if they didn't hunt would have to live on potatoes at times.  He as well probably has never owned a hand made custom knife.  He does now and is quite proud of it.

Best Regards,
~Scott in TX~

I can't help myself...... I keep admiring the knife you created.
It is a functional piece of art that will be used, cherished and handed down in the family through time.

Thanks Again.

~Tony in Chicago~