My fascination with knives started when I was a young man.   As an avid outdoorsman and knife collector  for many years, I felt I had to take my love of knives to the next level and get into knife making.  I surprised myself with my first knife (above)................I was hooked!  I set out looking for knife makers to learn from and found two guys that really intrigued me.  Both men are Mastersmiths in the knifemaking world.

Murray Carter - Murray is the first Caucasian to earn the distinction of Yoshimoto Master in Japan.  Look him up.  He offers some fantastic knives.  It was a great experience working with him and learning some of the ancient knife making ways. 

Ed Fowler - Ed's techniques in the forging and heat treating of high carbon 52100 and 5160 steels are second to none.  Ed is known as the father of the "performance blade."   His accomplishments are recognized the world over. 

While at Ed's Willow Bow Ranch in Wyoming, I learned his process to create the endurance performance blade.  Multiple quenches with hot and cold cycled heat treating  refines the grain structure for a superior cutting edge and a tough and durable tool.

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Murray (left) checking my grind coming off the wet wheel
Forged blades in various stages of completion
Ed Fowler checking out a test blade bent 90*