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My knives are 100% handmade.  I forge blades from high carbon 52100, 
0-1 or 1095 steels and meticulously heat treat them to create a blade to last a lifetime.  I use both coke fired and propane gas forges.

I also make blades from bar stock using the stock removal method, normally these are stainless steels of  CPM S30V or S35VN.                              

Occasionally I will use carbon steel such as 52100 to make blades using this same stock removal method.  Heat treating methods on carbon steel is the same whether forged or ground from bar stock. 

The handles may include natural and or synthetic materials such as leather, canvas micarta, exotic hardwoods, metal or fiber spacers.  I use native or Sambar stag on some handles.  My guards are soldered-on using solid brass or nickel silver.  On hidden tang knives I leave a hardy tang to strengthen the overall knife, no "rat-tail" tangs allowed.

The knives are a combination of form and function, made to be appealing to the eye and to function in the field.

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